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Timespell - Diana Paz imespell tells the story of the Daughters of Fate, three girls who have the power to control time. I have read a ton of YA books that have Greek mythology influences. Timespell uses the three fates as well as monsters such as the minotaur and gorgons. It is a different usage and was really creative. There are only so many demi-god stories that can be told. The three main characters Julia, Angie and Kaitlyn were fantastic. They each narrate the story from time to time, in third person which made it easier to understand. I enjoyed that we the reader were able to connect to each of the girls. Each character had a biased feeling about the other two so it was nice to not out rightly love one character and hate another for the entire book. I did enjoy Julia's story more than the others. The romance between her and Ethan was focused on more and I love a love story. I was confused about the time travel and their love especially at the end. I think this story concluded in a nice was with there being no cliff hanger. But I don't think this plot and conflict was resolved so I am hoping for a sequel. I think this book is great for fans of adventure stories. This book is fun and exciting. It is a page turner that you will want to finish in one sitting. It has a lot of drama between the three girls and their love interests. I really need a sequel. I want to know what happens between Ethan and Julia desparately!!


Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell This review was originally posted on my blog DanaSquare! From an ARC that I won from Goodreads!Rainbow Rowell has created a story that perfectly captures the feelings and life of someone is passionately obsessed with a fandom. I heard phenomenal reviews of Rowell's book Eleanor and Park so I was beyond excited to read Fangirl and it met every expectation I had and more. I haven't ever read a narrator like Cath who I was able to relate to and connect to ever. I understood her on this other level and I wanted to meet her and be her friend. This took the emotional impact of this novel to a new high. What is great is that if you are a book lover no matter what you will understand how Cath feels. You don't have to have read Fanfiction or be very obsessed with a series. But just a reader in general who just wants to stay in bed all day and read or write. As an obsessive teen age girl who will be going to college in the fall of 2014 I related a lot to Cath. I was also able to learn from her mistakes which to me makes this book special.Fangirl tells several stories though. It includes excerpts from the Simon Snow Series that Cath loves, excerpts of Fanfiction that Cath has written, and Cath's narrative. Rainbow didn't just create Cath but an entire world. She created Simon Snow and then created an Alternative Universe of Simon Snow with non-cannon characters. The reader not only becomes engaged in Cath's story but also Simon and Baz's which shows how incredible Rainbow Rowell is. Rainbow Rowell's writing is just fantastic. I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe how mind blowing it is. I don't think I have loved a contemporary novel like this in a long time. Especially since it is New Adult. I am not sure if the publisher is selling it off as a Young Adult book but it does fall in the New Adult age range. Cath is a college freshman and deals with those struggles of peer pressure, school, being an adult, taking care of herself. But it is so different from any New Adult book I have read. People say New Adult is YA plus sex but it an age and a time in a persons life the "college years". Fangirl is a great mixture of YA and NA. Yes it features and suggests alcoholism in teens and sex which is very NA but it comes across in a young adult manner. Fangirl doesn't feel like a New Adult book and it has that enrapturing quality of Young Adult novels. Fangirl surprising deals with a lot of heavy material such as mental illness, alcoholism, and abandonment. Cath has to deal with a sister who is drowning herself in partying and drinking to escape her problems. A father who has been battling mental illness since they were young and now is worse because they left the house. And to top it all off a mother who left them when they were little deciding she wants to be in their lives again. Cath didn't always deal in the best way but she did the best she could. Cath is far from perfect; she has social issues and issues about her mother. She is your typical 21st century girl who has a lot of things on her plate but her Simon Snow fanfiction is her coping mechanism. I loved seeing her develop throughout the story and learn how to live. Then we have Levi. Oh Levi! Swoon. He was such a great book boyfriend. He too wasn't perfect but I wasn't really hung up on it. He did do one really annoying thing but at the same time you couldn't fault for it. He was just such a nice down to earth guy. You never seen nice guys win in YA or NA series so it was a nice turn of events. This is one of the best books I have read this year. I definitely want to reread it already. As a fangirl who has read fanfiction I think Rainbow Rowell has created a magical book that people of all ages will relate to. Rainbow Rowell shows how fandoms and fans in general have changed in this digital age. You can connect with people all over the world about your favorite books. Book Blogging and fanfiction aren't that different in that way. Cath is a character that will remain in your heart long after you finish this book!!

Playing Hooky (Paranormal Investigations, #1)

Playing Hooky (Paranormal Investigations, #1) - Rita Webb,  TJ Webb *** This Review was Originally posted on my blog DanaSquare REVIEW I received this book for review purposes all opinions are my own ***Playing Hooky is an exciting and fun paranormal adventure between two best friends that have a lot of chemistry! I haven't read a book that combines so many paranormal aspects into one book in a long time and add to that this is a novella! I have no clue how Rita Webb fit all of this action into a novella length story. I loved Emma and Jason the main characters that both narrate the story. Emma is funny and carefree but also rebellious. The only problem I had with her was the fact that she just believed Jason right away. I feel like it was so unbelievable and yet she just went with it as if seeing a Unicorn and an Elf was nothing. I especially loved Jason. Usually in the unrequited love between best friends the guy tends to not show that he likes her. But he openly ogles her but she just doesn't get the hint. I knew Angelina was too good to be true and it was slightly predictable that she would be the one to get them into this mess. There were plenty of clues. It wasn't something that bothered me though. She is definitely a character I enjoyed hating but I did feel bad for her. I loved all of the paranormal characters it worked to well and added a lot of depth to the story. I was a huge fan of the literary references to Laini Taylor the author of Daughter of Smoke and Bones as well as Harry Potter! This book was fun and hilarious. Definitely a great read that you will only need one sitting for!

The 100

The 100 - Kass Morgan ***This review was originally posted on my blog! DanaSquareReview*** The 100 is a very unique and different take on science fiction in YA. Especially for the fact that YA space travel has basically been after characters leave Earth and how they deal with that. But The 100 deals with death row teens being the first sent to Earth after nuclear warfare destroyed Earth. Unexpectedly The 100 also deals with many hard hitting topics that I never would have expected like drug use and human experimentation. The 100 is told in four point of views; Clarke, Wells, Glass, and Bellamy. Each character narrates a chapter and it goes in the order that I listed the characters and repeats. I really enjoyed the mix of science fiction and the dystopian aspects it had. Even when on Earth the three narrators were heavily dealing with problems they had on The Colony. Being on Earth didn't erase their conflicts and struggles and in many ways heightened them. I enjoyed the fact that there was still one character on The Colony which allowed the reader to learn about it in the present rather than leave so many questions. I am kind of half and half on my opinion about the flashbacks. I liked knowing the back stories and learning the mysterious secrets surrounding each narrator but at times they were too long. I wanted to be in the present much more and I hated that when ever I would get invested in past or present it would switch.The 100 isn't actually the brain child of Kass Morgan but someone else and Kass was commissioned to write the book series. Which I don't really mind it was the thing with The Vampire Diaries. I am in love with this plot and story line. I don't think a story like this has ever been told and it was mysterious and exciting. I expected a bit more action but there was a lot of foreshadowing for the next book. Most of the novel I found to be predictable but the events of the last few chapters I didn't see coming at all.The one character that I enjoyed the most was Wells mainly because of his heart and his faults. I went into this story expecting my to be more in love with the science fiction aspects of this novel but I loved the human parts. When you take away the space travel and radiated Earth The 100 tells the story of unrequited love, a brother protecting his sister, forbidden love, and a daughter grieving over the death of her parents. I enjoyed each characters back stories and how each character was affected by the crazy rules of The Colony.I have a tendency of going into books with out knowing anything about them. I feel like after watching the trailer for the TV Show I hyped up this book for myself. It wasn't that I hated it but it fell a bit short for me. My main problem with this story are the characters. The characters were very flat and they felt sterile in a way. I am a crier when I read and even in very sad scenes I couldn't bring my self to shed one tear. The writing was great but I couldn't connect much with the characters. The book read like a TV show which is great visually but leaves something to be desired in the depth of the characters.Overall The 100 was a really great book that was very enjoyable. It wasn't perfect by any means. I am still excited for a sequel because of the crazy cliff hanger ending! O_O I am interested in uncovering more of the truth. I can't wait to see where this story goes in books and in TV. I will definitely be tuning in to the show it looks epic but also very different from the book!

Daimon: A Prequel to Half-Blood (Covenant)

Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout *** This review was originally posted on my blog DanaSquare REVIEW****Daimon is the novella prequel to the AMAZING Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I could spend hours talking about how terrific an author she is and how incredible The Covenant series is but let's talk about Daimon in particular.Daimon tells the story of what led to the beginning of Half-Blood. The days leading up to Half-Blood and what triggered the events that occurred.I have already read books 1-4 but never read the novellas. I am never one to read the .5 or 3.5 type of books. I just want to read the main story where all the action is and I realized that I was missing out!! I loved being back in the Covenant world and reading from Alex's perspective. Daimon answered so many questions about what happened before Half-Blood and how Alex's mother died.Daimon captures two major things we never got to see through out the Covenant series. First we see the relationship between Alex and her mom before she becomes a Daimon. This makes her changing so much more impacting. As a reader you are upset because Alex is upset in Half-Blood but now it is genuine because you know how much they loved each other! Secondly we see Alex vulnerable and it makes me love her as a character so much more. I love that she is so bad ass but it was a difference that was interesting to read.I also loved knowing that she had this long standing crush on Aiden. It was so adorable and I wish it was spoken about more!


Frigid - J Lynn Jennifer L. Armentrout proves that she is a jack of all trades and can write anything amazingly. This is the 10th book that I have read of hers this year and there isn't one that I haven't loved. When I saw the ebook on Amazon for .99 I knew I had to buy it and I have a nook so I read this whole book on my phone. Frigid is an awesome New Adult book that is the love story between two college age best friends. Set in the middle of a blizzard yet I read it in July.This is the second NA book by JLA that I have read and I enjoyed its lightness yet it did have some hints of mystery. This book also contains Jennifer witty and snarky humor. You cannot get through one of her books with out laughing out loud. This book has this fluffy yet edgy feel with slightly flawed characters.Of the books by her that I have read I would say this one is my least favorite; which is not saying that Frigid wasn't good but it didn't have that AMAZING feel that the others do. This book was also not my favorite New Adult book that I have read so far. Frigid is fast paced and addicting but it just didn't blow me away.I am always a sucker for the symbolic representation of the title and how it is referenced in the book. Beside the fact that it is set during a blizzard Frigid has a much more significant meaning to Sydney. A first boyfriend told her and others she was Frigid before he broke up with her just having slept with her and this novel is her realizing she isn’t!The characters are easy to connect with and you definitely root for their relationship to work out. Sydney and Kyler can't be more different but they have been best friends since they were children. I enjoyed that it was in both of their point of views and because they were so different their voices were great to read! Even though this is kind of a clichéd story of two best friends one a womanizer and the other pinning over him but JLA breathed new life into it.I would say this book is for fans if Abbi Glines and Jamie McGuire. It is wonderfully written and hysterical. It contains an edgy steamy romance yet kind of fluffy. It is a super quick read that is extremely enjoyable! Have you read any of Jennifer's books? Have you read this one? What did you think?Some of my favorite quotes~“Guys are totally stupid when it comes to unrequited love. We females pine away and keep our thighs closed for the most part when we love someone we can’t have. Guys swing their shit around at anything that has a hole, trying to forget the one they want.”-AndreaLynn, J (2013-07-15). Frigid (Kindle Locations 3291-3293). Spencer Hill Contemporary. Kindle Edition.In reality, even though I’d been with everyone else, I’d always been Syd’s. -Kyler Lynn, J (2013-07-15). Frigid (Kindle Location 2241). Spencer Hill Contemporary. Kindle Edition.Syd would always deserve far better than that, and far better than me, no matter how deep she lived inside of me. -Kyler Lynn, J (2013-07-15). Frigid (Kindle Location 1194). Spencer Hill Contemporary. Kindle Edition.

Passion and Pain: Dancers and Divas (Volume 1)

Passion and Pain - Kathy Petrakis Passions and Pain follows the story of Elena who is going to a performing arts school in hopes to be a successful dancer and actress. I personally can't dance but my opinion is those who can't do should read or watch about it on TV. Fans of the movies Fame and Step Up will love this novel. It is fun but also has a lot of drama because when you go to a school that has a focus of drama you know there will be some Drama Queens.My friend goes to La Guardia High School which is the fame school in Manhattan so I kept thinking is this what her high school experience is like. Not really. So is it completely realistic that people are this competitive in a school like this not so much but then again it is dramatized who would want to read a book with zero conflict.Letitia is the perfect mean girl. She acts a foil to Elena. Letitia is everything that Elena isn't; she is assured and knows exactly who she is. She is horrible to Elena and all you want is for Elena to take Letitia off her pedestal. I loved the relationship between Sebastien and Elena right off the bat it was insanely adorable. Elena too was really great but I think it was the supporting characters who were the most outstanding in this book. But Elena is great because who doesn't enjoy rooting for the under dog.Passion and Pain is a quick read that you will be zooming through as you root for Elena to improve as both an actress, dancer, and as a person. I could definitely see Passion and Pain as a movie a cross between Step Up and Bring It On. With both dancing and intense competition fans of young adult contemporary novels will fall in love with Passion and Pain. I can't wait to read Bitter Sweet the sequel to Passion and Pain which is out now!*I received this book for review all opinions are my own*


Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Originally Posted on my blog DanaSquareThis is the 9th Jennifer L. Armentrout book I have read this year so obviously I am obsessed with Obsession. Obsession takes place in the same world as Jennifer's young adult series but acts as a standalone and is an Adult book. What is great is that lovers of the Lux series and those who haven't read it will enjoy it! This story is told from an Arum which is the enemy alien race in the Lux series. If you would place chronologically in the Lux series time wise it is after Opal. The only reason you can tell this is because there is a slight mention of Daemon and it references the crazy cliffhanger which was Opal. Obviously this is a romance and let me tell that Hunter is AMAZING. He takes bad boy to the extreme. He is a foul mouthed, leather pants wearing Arum who is dangerously sexy! He is working for the DOD a common conflict with the Lux series. He gets a job to protect Serena. Serena saw her best friend killed by Luxen because she saw them in their true form and heard too much. And guess what romance ensues! But it is the farthest thing from insta-love just a lot of insta-lust. But Hunter faces this internal struggle through most of the book because he thinks he is a monster and it is hard for him to come to terms with the fact that he loves her. He thinks human emotions are weak but he learns that his love her drives him to do very unexpected things.I think this book is great for fans of the Lux series because it shows a different side of the Luxen and the Arum. You realize that neither of them have a squeaky clean past. They both think the other is the enemy. It gave a lot of depth to the series because a war is always different based on who tells the story.We learn that not all Luxen are accepting of Humans like Daemon and Dee. This story is told through the alternating point of views if both Serena and Hunter. I liked this just because we had narratives from both human and alien unlike Lux which is told exclusively by Katy other than the extras at the end.It was also great that at points the parts would overlap and I liked that you would find what each character thought of what happened. This is an adult novel and beside the fact that the characters are in their early twenties and the sex aspect. This story is much darker than the Lux series because of the Arums need to feed off the Luxen and humans. Also the Luxens, Arum, and DOD going after them left a more ominous effect. If you thought Daemon was a bad boy you haven't met Hunter yet!That last battle at the end was epic! It reminded me why I love Jennifer's books because they have a bit of everything for you. A book that has kickass battle scenes, snarky humor, and a great love is always going to my favorite to read. It was also heart felt and genuine. You would never expect a book about aliens to teach you what it is to be human. I think it ended in a really sweet way and if Jennifer wanted to pick up Hunter and Serena's story she could. I know there is mention of Hunter in Origin. I am not sure if it is just the one scene where he meets Daemon at Luc's. But I hope Hunter and Serena pop up in the main series!Obsession extends the world building of the Lux universe. Finding out that there are even more Luxen out there who didn't come to Earth is crazy. It even sets up more conflicts for Origin the next Lux book. We even find out what Origin the title is in reference too but not really what Origin means! One thing is for sure Obsession has me now dying to read Origin. Overall I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend to fans of the Lux series and if you didn't read those books but love a good science fiction steamy romance than you should check this out! Though I wouldn't this book blew me away either! It wasn't one of those let me sit down and block out the world until I finish this book feeling like with Obsidian but it was still really good!

Amazingly Broken

Amazingly Broken - Jordin Williams It is plagiarism of Easy by Tammara Webber


PODs - Michelle Pickett PODs is an incredible mix of post-apocalyptic and dystopia. Michelle Pickett wrote such a great book because we see our narrator Eva before the outbreak, during the outbreak, while in the PODs, and after the PODs, as well as when the virus mutated into something else. I think this book shows a lot of scary truths even though it is a science fiction novel. Eva was a great main character and I loved her relationship with David. But I don't think she and many of the characters reacted in a way most teens would. Katie was probably the only one who had a normal reaction to the situation. In the midst of all the tragedy these two teenagers faced they found comfort with each other. I loved that this book wasn't drawn out. It very well could have been drawn out into multiple book but it wasn't and I enjoyed that. Though I would have liked a bit more answers. Why PODs? And why was it only teens and kids? What was the experience like for other in different PODs more specifically the adults? Obviously this is told by Eva so she wouldn't know but still I wanted to know more.I know this is only set to be a two book series so I hope in the next book some questions get answered. I would love to see some of the other characters from the POD in the next book to make it more resolute. I think this book ended in a perfect and sweet way with David asking Eva to marry him.Overall this was a really great book that was exciting and fun. It had the thrill of impending danger and the excitement of young love. I can't wait to see where Michelle takes this book.


Ink - Amanda Sun Ink is a strange paranormal story that follows Katie a girl who is forced to move to Japan after the death of her mother and is transplanted into this new country. She meets Tomohiro who is more than he seems and the two begin to go down a dark path that only each other can save them from. Ink is so extremely different from anything I have read in a long time. I have read a lot of different mythology genre books from Greek to Norse but I have never read any books set in Japan or about Japanese mythology. I loved learning about Japanese culture in this book from kendo, to food, language, and the way of life. Though when I started reading it made it very confusing. There is a lot of Japanese language used through out the book that aren't defined right as your reading. The way they phrase sentences is also very different. What I found to be both interesting and confusing was the fact that in Japan they refer to people by their last name making the usage of someone's first name in conversation a personal thing. What I didn't know until I finished reading this book is that there was a glossary at the end that translated all of the Japanese words and phrases to English but because I read an E-ARC I wasn't aware. My favorite word I learned throughout the book was "suki" which means I love you.This book is narrated by Katie who meets Tomohiro under strange circumstances and finds out that he is a Kami which translate to both "God" and "Paper" in Japanese. The Kami were the rulers of Japan up until WWII and they have the ability to have their drawing come to life. Tomohiro is an extremely powerful kami and has both the Yakuza, Japanese mafia, after him and other Kamis who want to gain power from him. This obviously endangers Katie and puts their relationship in a rocky place. As well as the fact that the ink that is responsible for Tomohiro's power is attracted to Katie. Why? We aren't entirely sure of that. Since Tomohiro's drawing come to life art is a huge focus of this book. I loved that this book actually had the drawing in it. They are beautiful and made visualizing everything in this book even easier. The book is just wonderfully designed and that enhanced the reading experience even more. From the gorgeous cover, to the ink stains on the chapter numbers and the little images inside the book as well as full sized images.Overall this is a fantastic and intriguing book that will have you wanting to learn more about Japanese culture and will have you on the edge of your seat. After the ending of Ink I can't wait for more. But I will be picking up Shadows the prequel book to this series. Ahh I have so long to wait now for a sequel since Ink isn't even published yet!

Confessions of an Angry Girl

Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett Check out the original review on my blog DanaSquare LINKConfessions of an Angry Girl is a young adult contemporary by Louise Rozett that deals with the transitioning from middle school to high school for the main character Rose. From the cover and title you may expect this book to be more of a fluffy cute contemporary novel but it is anything but. This book is verging on a darker more mature young adult because of all the family drama, bullying, and teen drama. What I found most surprising is that it is one of the only young adult books I have read that reflected the High School experience in a very realistic. I absolutely enjoyed this book. I read it in two days and I was immediately drawn into the story line. I really felt for the characters.This book takes place over the course of Rose's freshman year in High School. I loved that the book was divided into seasons and that made it really easy to keep track of when exactly events occurred. It was great that this book covered all the holidays and all the experience that comes with that. What I found to be one of the most unique parts of this book is that instead of chapter names each chapter has a PSAT vocabulary word and its definition the word for the chapter has a connection to what will take place and it foreshadows the chapter. The romance in this book is between Rose and Jamie a junior with a dark background. Jamie was friends with Rose's older brother who just started college and asked Jamie to watch Rose. So he obviously isn't that bad since her brother trusts him, there is always a but. He has a girlfriend who just so happens to hate Rose. Rose has a great moral sense and tends to break up parties and hazing. Which is good but bites in the behind in school and Rose ends up being bullied by Regina, Jamie's girlfriend who is also a junior. Jamie is a dark brooding dangerous type which usually has me swooning but I hated his flakey nature. One moment he is kissing Rose and the next he gives her a cold shoulder. I don't doubt that he likes her but I am not sure if I want to ship them. I think that Rose can do better but at the same time their growing relationship is exciting and I am interested to see what happens.When I started this book all I wanted to know was why is she so angry! The answer is mainly her father's death and her mother. This girl has to deal with way too much. Her best friend is moving away from her because she joined cheer leading team. Her brother is off at college and Rose begins to feel like she has no one. She finds an unlikely friend in Angelo a senior who is into rick music and is also Jamie's best friend. I liked that the ending to this book was bitter sweet. It left unresolved issues for book two but also concluded other conflicts through out the book. Rose didn't get to go to Prom because she got stood up by Jamie who was in jail because of Regina. But the happy note is that she and her best friend made up. Overall this book is a great contemporary novel and deals with real teen issues and it will have you addicted from the first page. I am still not sure if I want Jamie and Rose to have any sort of romantic relationship after the way this book ended. Yes he is a bad boy and I sure love bad boys in Young adult books but other than that rush and excitement I don't feel like he is a great guy for her. I hope there is even more drama in book two!

First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1)

First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1) - Ann Marie Frohoff Review~ This is a Spoiler Free You need to READ THIS BOOK!I have never received a book soundtrack with a book for review ever and I thought that was probably the coolest most unique swag (I don't know what that would be classified as). The tracks were amazing and definitely music that I would buy regardless. I would say that I primarily listen to a mixture of alternative rock or soft rock and I fell in love with these songs! My favorite off the soundtrack was Talk About It by Nick Long and Elysia Moon! Now that I am finished with that little rant onto the book review!This book started off very unexpectedly with the narrator (one of them) Jake waking up from a one night stand and regretting it. So obviously I would recommend this for a more mature YA audience (for language and actions) but Jake is still in High School a senior so it isn't a New Adult. One reason why I loved this book was the voice of Jake. Ann Marie didn't write a teen character who sounded like he was 30. Jake sounds like a teenage which for an odd reason is rare in YA. He curses and doesn't say thing in a very eloquent way which made a lot more relate-able as a character.I loved that this book has duel narrators. Besides Jake, we have Alyssa who is in transition from middle schooler to high school student. She is Jake's neighbor her older brother Kyle is friends with Jake so they have known each other for years. She always had a very sibling like relationship with him but this summer she realizes she is attracted to him.I also loved that the sounds on the soundtrack are apart of the book. When ever a book has a band in it and they put in the lyrics like First Kiss has I always wonder what the song sounds like. It is great that you can actually play the song along with the novel to really capture the feeling of the story and character.To not spoil the rest of this book let's just say a lot of angst ensues as this exciting yet turbulent relationship between Jake and Alyssa occurs. I definitely recommend this book if you are a fan of Contemporary novels First Kiss is for you. I loved the romance of it Alyssa and Jake are one of those book couples that I ship hardcore!! Go READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!! In my reviews I don't use a star or rating system at all but I do consider this book a 5 star (5/5). This is a must read and I hope I was able to get you to add it to your TBR!

Earth Angel

Earth Angel - E. Van Lowe Earth Angel is the epic sequel to Boyfriend from Hell and let me just say this series keeps getting better and better. I had fallen in love with the first book. I am a huge fan of Angel and Demon books. I think the usage of Christian "mythology" in a sense is very captivating and entertaining. But for the majority of the first book we as readers didn't know that her mom's boyfriend was the Devil or that Guy was an Angel. So Earth Angel is where we got to see a development of mythology. Megan met demons, nephilim, and another Angel. It added a lot to this series. E. Van Lowe realy developed a world in our own and is just beginning to scratch the surface in this book as to the magic that it holds.I love Megan and Guy as a couple but I don't think we have seen that much of them actually together. Last book she kind of stalked him in that weird way teenage girls do when they like a hot guy. This book she spent the beginning with him and then broke up with him and finally the rest was spent saving him from a demon. And now he is gone. So when she does find him in the next book I would hope that we get to see them more as a couple. If I could say something I don't like about this series it would be the length. They are super short, under 200 pages each book. I WANT MORE! For the short amount of pages we do see a lot of character development and world building but at times it feels rushed. In the first book Megan's actions made you want to hit her at times and not until later in that book did I connect with her. I think that there are so many things in this series that could be expanded upon. I think if you are a fan of strong female heroines you will love Megan. Megan is mortal but she is brave and doesn't care that she is facing much stronger opponents. She fights for the love she feels for others. I think anyone can relate to her and love her. She isn't just some damsel in distress.E. Van Lowe has created an amazing series so far that will have you falling in love with Megan, a mortal who saved her mother from her devil of a boyfriend and just so happens to have an angel as her boyfriend. If you love fallen angel books this is the series for you.

Half-Blood (Covenant Series #1)

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Half-Blood is the first in the amazing Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I fell in love with her Lux series but Half Blood is completely different but it does have some similar aspects in the writing. There is a fantastic plot, mythology, and characters which is something you will find in all of her books. The main character Alex is a half-blood who had a pretty tough life. Halfs either become quintessential body guards for pures or slaves who clean up after them. If you commit a crime you become a slave who gets dopped up on and addicted to a drug that only the pures have. Then there are Daimons like vampires but they feed off aether in Pures and halfs blood. Her mother, a Pure, took her away to get out of the world they were in but they get attacked by Daimons and her mother is killed. Alex is saved and brought back home which is where this story starts. This isn't a spoiler it is pretty much the first two chapters!The only problem I have had with reading both book series by her is that at times they seem way too similar to other books. Half-Blood is a lot like The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. From the set up at a boarding school and the laws as well as Alex's personality all very similar. But once you get a little deeper into the story it takes a very different path. So if you are a fan on VA then I think you will definitely enjoy this series.The mythology in this story is rally stand out for me. I am a huge of Greek mythology so I enjoyed reading this take. What for me was the most creative was that it wasn't the usual Demigod story. It was the question of what happens to the blood lines of a demigod. I had never thought about this when I read Greek mythology before. I liked that it was different and took Greek mythology to new heights in ya novels.I found myself being extremely attached to these characters right away. Alex is a sweet but rude and hates authority. I loved how she was so passionate about everything. She was very relatable for a character who has nothing in common with me. Then there is Aiden! One of the most swoon worthy characters in YA. I also loved the relationships Alex had with her friends. They were very genuine and they didn't seem forced or faked. I loved Caleb,Luke, and Deacon. One thing though is that Alex is the narrator but beside her there aren't many likable female characters in this book. There are a few don't get me wrong but not as stand out as the guys. Yes there is Lea but I feel bad for her more than I like her. There was never a dull moment in this book. So much seemed to happen. There was action, romance, comedy everything you could want in a book. There is a love triangle forming but Alex's heart is definitely set on Aiden for now a guy that she is forbidden by law to marry because he is a Pureblood. And Seth the Apollyon. There is so many places this series can go and I can't wait!

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn Wait For You is the best new adult book that I have so far which is by J.Lynn the adult/new adult pen name for the author Jennifer L. Armentrout. I have read quite a few and Wait For You has everything that you could want in it. Obviously from the amount of raving reviews I have of books by Jennifer L. Armentrout I had high expectations for this book. I LOVED it so much! I started it on a Saturday night and finished it early Sunday morning. It was all I could think about.I think Wait For You had the best mix of a serious topic and a great love story. It had a lot of mystery concerning what was the main character Avery's back story and who was harassing her. I liked that at times it was a major part of the story but at others it was just a minor detail. I enjoyed that this wasn't a love story but just the main character Avery's story and development after her crisis at home.All the other new adult books that I have read they were just telling a love story. The characters may be flawed but that is as far as they go. I loved that Wait For You was extremely character driven. For most of the book Avery and Cam were just friends and I loved that, though Cam always wanted more from his relationship with Avery. I loved Avery's friends. Also the fact that her guy friend was gay was a great detail. I am so sick of bland side characters. But i feel like they didn't know her very well. They didn't realize there was something wrong. Cam did though and He may not have known what happened to her but he knew something had. The only thing I didn't like about this story was the way that Avery reacted to everything. All she did was push people away. Then would get upset that no one (Cam) was there.The ending though was not what I expected but it left a very content feeling as a reader. I liked that everything was resolved for the most part. Her parents will always be horrible but there is a chance of her dad coming through. The girl who was raped reaction wasn't great but understandable. I think the way J.Lynn concluded the story with her calling to talk was heartwarming. Cam and Avery ending up together was obviously amazing.There is actually going to be a sequel but more of a companion novel. This will tell the story of Cam's sister as she starts college. I am super excited because she has a similar back story as Avery but is a very different person than Avery. I can't wait for to read more of these characters, pun intended.