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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi *** So I have actually already read Unravel Me so I will try not to spoil any of that book but some of my opinions from Shatter Me have changed after reading it but I am going to try hard to tell you my first impression thoughts***Shatter Me is one of the best books I have read in a while. I was quickly hooked on this book and series , quite frankly I found myself wondering why I didn't read it sooner! Tahereh Mafi somehow found a way to make every aspect of this book perfectly amazing.So when I first started this book I knew that it already had this giant following so I really didn't want to be let down by it. When I first started it I was extremely confused mainly because at the beginning Juliette is in solitary confinement at an institution and we don't know why or how. Slowly the story begins to build and understanding comes. I was hooked. The one thing you will hear from anyone that has read this book is how excellent the writing style is. Not only do the words flow beautifully but through out this series certain thoughts that the main character has that she feels aren't right or she shouldn't think that are crossed out. It really builds her character because everyone thinks things that they wouldn't act on or say, which doesn't make you a bad person. Or Juliette's quirky habit of counting random things was just cool.If you think read one dystopian read them all then you are surely mistaken. Shatter Me is set in a futuristic world in which resources are scarce and so the world has become so bad that a new government was set up The Reestablishment. But The Reestablishment is not what it seems. So the part of Shatter Me that I love is that it has almost X-men like qualities Juliette's touch can kill someone if she touches you long enough. Which makes Juliette have a lot of emotional issues. Juliette gets taken by the son of the leader of this new government, Warner, to be used as a weapon but she meets Adam a soldier who knew her before she was in the crazy house. Long story short he is the special one who isn't hurt by her touch so love story ensues. I have to say that for me Adam wasn't the greatest love interest but I still enjoyed it, he definitely grew on me by the end I was in love. I just wasn't sure who Juliette could trust and who was being truthful which made this book so exciting. For those of you that hate love triangles Shatter Me is very minimal where as Unravel Me contain one. There is Warner but he loves Juliette but she wants nothing to do with him so much she tries to kill him. When read this one I didn't like Warner and he kind of scared me but he did grow on me in the next book a lot. I loved the characters in this book they were all very distinct and even the ones I didn't like grew on me eventually because I understood them so well. Especially Juliette at the beginning was a very mentally unstable girl then at the end she was so strong and able to stand up for herself. At the conclusion of the book you are left wondering how and when this rebellion is going to happen. And Unravel Me definitely has a ton more action than Shatter Me. You will be in love and fangirling over these books, desperately wanting more.