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Splintered - A.G. Howard Before reading Splintered I had never really been very enamored with the world of Wonderland. I hadn't read the book but I enjoyed the movies. So to say that after reading Splintered I want to read the original by Lewis Carroll tells you how much I enjoyed reading Splintered. When someone asked how it was all I have to say was weird but in an amazing way.Splintered follows Alyssa Gardner a young girl who is the decedent of Alice Liddel who went down the rabbit and told her story. But every female in the line after has gone crazy talking about Wonderland. I didn't expect this story to be as dark as it was, which was mostly reflected in the twists made about the well known characters from the story. The major love interest in the story is Jeb. Alyssa's long friend that she has a huge crush on. I think it was great to have him with her in Wonderland than be on the journey alone it created more drama and I always love a good love story. Then there is Morpheus who is the portrayal of the Caterpillar and he is a tragic character, his major fault being his love for Alyssa and what it drives him to do also his love for himself. Whenever I thought I knew what was going to happen it would all be turned around because of the information Alyssa was getting from other wasn't always true. I enjoyed all the twists and turns but at the end there were so many it became hard to keep up with. I liked that this story wrapped up really nicely and cutely too. I know that it at the moment is a stand alone but it is just one of those world's that I couldn't get enough of and would love to read more of. Also I would love to read more about Morpheus who was such a complex and intriguing character even though I was definitely rooting for Jeb/Alyssa but I want me some Morpheus!You are going love this take on Wonderland and be left wanting more!