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The 100 - Kass Morgan ***This review was originally posted on my blog! DanaSquareReview*** The 100 is a very unique and different take on science fiction in YA. Especially for the fact that YA space travel has basically been after characters leave Earth and how they deal with that. But The 100 deals with death row teens being the first sent to Earth after nuclear warfare destroyed Earth. Unexpectedly The 100 also deals with many hard hitting topics that I never would have expected like drug use and human experimentation. The 100 is told in four point of views; Clarke, Wells, Glass, and Bellamy. Each character narrates a chapter and it goes in the order that I listed the characters and repeats. I really enjoyed the mix of science fiction and the dystopian aspects it had. Even when on Earth the three narrators were heavily dealing with problems they had on The Colony. Being on Earth didn't erase their conflicts and struggles and in many ways heightened them. I enjoyed the fact that there was still one character on The Colony which allowed the reader to learn about it in the present rather than leave so many questions. I am kind of half and half on my opinion about the flashbacks. I liked knowing the back stories and learning the mysterious secrets surrounding each narrator but at times they were too long. I wanted to be in the present much more and I hated that when ever I would get invested in past or present it would switch.The 100 isn't actually the brain child of Kass Morgan but someone else and Kass was commissioned to write the book series. Which I don't really mind it was the thing with The Vampire Diaries. I am in love with this plot and story line. I don't think a story like this has ever been told and it was mysterious and exciting. I expected a bit more action but there was a lot of foreshadowing for the next book. Most of the novel I found to be predictable but the events of the last few chapters I didn't see coming at all.The one character that I enjoyed the most was Wells mainly because of his heart and his faults. I went into this story expecting my to be more in love with the science fiction aspects of this novel but I loved the human parts. When you take away the space travel and radiated Earth The 100 tells the story of unrequited love, a brother protecting his sister, forbidden love, and a daughter grieving over the death of her parents. I enjoyed each characters back stories and how each character was affected by the crazy rules of The Colony.I have a tendency of going into books with out knowing anything about them. I feel like after watching the trailer for the TV Show I hyped up this book for myself. It wasn't that I hated it but it fell a bit short for me. My main problem with this story are the characters. The characters were very flat and they felt sterile in a way. I am a crier when I read and even in very sad scenes I couldn't bring my self to shed one tear. The writing was great but I couldn't connect much with the characters. The book read like a TV show which is great visually but leaves something to be desired in the depth of the characters.Overall The 100 was a really great book that was very enjoyable. It wasn't perfect by any means. I am still excited for a sequel because of the crazy cliff hanger ending! O_O I am interested in uncovering more of the truth. I can't wait to see where this story goes in books and in TV. I will definitely be tuning in to the show it looks epic but also very different from the book!