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Timespell - Diana Paz imespell tells the story of the Daughters of Fate, three girls who have the power to control time. I have read a ton of YA books that have Greek mythology influences. Timespell uses the three fates as well as monsters such as the minotaur and gorgons. It is a different usage and was really creative. There are only so many demi-god stories that can be told. The three main characters Julia, Angie and Kaitlyn were fantastic. They each narrate the story from time to time, in third person which made it easier to understand. I enjoyed that we the reader were able to connect to each of the girls. Each character had a biased feeling about the other two so it was nice to not out rightly love one character and hate another for the entire book. I did enjoy Julia's story more than the others. The romance between her and Ethan was focused on more and I love a love story. I was confused about the time travel and their love especially at the end. I think this story concluded in a nice was with there being no cliff hanger. But I don't think this plot and conflict was resolved so I am hoping for a sequel. I think this book is great for fans of adventure stories. This book is fun and exciting. It is a page turner that you will want to finish in one sitting. It has a lot of drama between the three girls and their love interests. I really need a sequel. I want to know what happens between Ethan and Julia desparately!!