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Half-Blood (Covenant Series #1)

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Half-Blood is the first in the amazing Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I fell in love with her Lux series but Half Blood is completely different but it does have some similar aspects in the writing. There is a fantastic plot, mythology, and characters which is something you will find in all of her books. The main character Alex is a half-blood who had a pretty tough life. Halfs either become quintessential body guards for pures or slaves who clean up after them. If you commit a crime you become a slave who gets dopped up on and addicted to a drug that only the pures have. Then there are Daimons like vampires but they feed off aether in Pures and halfs blood. Her mother, a Pure, took her away to get out of the world they were in but they get attacked by Daimons and her mother is killed. Alex is saved and brought back home which is where this story starts. This isn't a spoiler it is pretty much the first two chapters!The only problem I have had with reading both book series by her is that at times they seem way too similar to other books. Half-Blood is a lot like The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. From the set up at a boarding school and the laws as well as Alex's personality all very similar. But once you get a little deeper into the story it takes a very different path. So if you are a fan on VA then I think you will definitely enjoy this series.The mythology in this story is rally stand out for me. I am a huge of Greek mythology so I enjoyed reading this take. What for me was the most creative was that it wasn't the usual Demigod story. It was the question of what happens to the blood lines of a demigod. I had never thought about this when I read Greek mythology before. I liked that it was different and took Greek mythology to new heights in ya novels.I found myself being extremely attached to these characters right away. Alex is a sweet but rude and hates authority. I loved how she was so passionate about everything. She was very relatable for a character who has nothing in common with me. Then there is Aiden! One of the most swoon worthy characters in YA. I also loved the relationships Alex had with her friends. They were very genuine and they didn't seem forced or faked. I loved Caleb,Luke, and Deacon. One thing though is that Alex is the narrator but beside her there aren't many likable female characters in this book. There are a few don't get me wrong but not as stand out as the guys. Yes there is Lea but I feel bad for her more than I like her. There was never a dull moment in this book. So much seemed to happen. There was action, romance, comedy everything you could want in a book. There is a love triangle forming but Alex's heart is definitely set on Aiden for now a guy that she is forbidden by law to marry because he is a Pureblood. And Seth the Apollyon. There is so many places this series can go and I can't wait!