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Playing Hooky (Paranormal Investigations, #1)

Playing Hooky (Paranormal Investigations, #1) - Rita Webb,  TJ Webb *** This Review was Originally posted on my blog DanaSquare REVIEW I received this book for review purposes all opinions are my own ***Playing Hooky is an exciting and fun paranormal adventure between two best friends that have a lot of chemistry! I haven't read a book that combines so many paranormal aspects into one book in a long time and add to that this is a novella! I have no clue how Rita Webb fit all of this action into a novella length story. I loved Emma and Jason the main characters that both narrate the story. Emma is funny and carefree but also rebellious. The only problem I had with her was the fact that she just believed Jason right away. I feel like it was so unbelievable and yet she just went with it as if seeing a Unicorn and an Elf was nothing. I especially loved Jason. Usually in the unrequited love between best friends the guy tends to not show that he likes her. But he openly ogles her but she just doesn't get the hint. I knew Angelina was too good to be true and it was slightly predictable that she would be the one to get them into this mess. There were plenty of clues. It wasn't something that bothered me though. She is definitely a character I enjoyed hating but I did feel bad for her. I loved all of the paranormal characters it worked to well and added a lot of depth to the story. I was a huge fan of the literary references to Laini Taylor the author of Daughter of Smoke and Bones as well as Harry Potter! This book was fun and hilarious. Definitely a great read that you will only need one sitting for!