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Daimon: A Prequel to Half-Blood (Covenant)

Daimon - Jennifer L. Armentrout *** This review was originally posted on my blog DanaSquare REVIEW****Daimon is the novella prequel to the AMAZING Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I could spend hours talking about how terrific an author she is and how incredible The Covenant series is but let's talk about Daimon in particular.Daimon tells the story of what led to the beginning of Half-Blood. The days leading up to Half-Blood and what triggered the events that occurred.I have already read books 1-4 but never read the novellas. I am never one to read the .5 or 3.5 type of books. I just want to read the main story where all the action is and I realized that I was missing out!! I loved being back in the Covenant world and reading from Alex's perspective. Daimon answered so many questions about what happened before Half-Blood and how Alex's mother died.Daimon captures two major things we never got to see through out the Covenant series. First we see the relationship between Alex and her mom before she becomes a Daimon. This makes her changing so much more impacting. As a reader you are upset because Alex is upset in Half-Blood but now it is genuine because you know how much they loved each other! Secondly we see Alex vulnerable and it makes me love her as a character so much more. I love that she is so bad ass but it was a difference that was interesting to read.I also loved knowing that she had this long standing crush on Aiden. It was so adorable and I wish it was spoken about more!