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First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1)

First Kiss (A Heavy Influence Novel, #1) - Ann Marie Frohoff Review~ This is a Spoiler Free You need to READ THIS BOOK!I have never received a book soundtrack with a book for review ever and I thought that was probably the coolest most unique swag (I don't know what that would be classified as). The tracks were amazing and definitely music that I would buy regardless. I would say that I primarily listen to a mixture of alternative rock or soft rock and I fell in love with these songs! My favorite off the soundtrack was Talk About It by Nick Long and Elysia Moon! Now that I am finished with that little rant onto the book review!This book started off very unexpectedly with the narrator (one of them) Jake waking up from a one night stand and regretting it. So obviously I would recommend this for a more mature YA audience (for language and actions) but Jake is still in High School a senior so it isn't a New Adult. One reason why I loved this book was the voice of Jake. Ann Marie didn't write a teen character who sounded like he was 30. Jake sounds like a teenage which for an odd reason is rare in YA. He curses and doesn't say thing in a very eloquent way which made a lot more relate-able as a character.I loved that this book has duel narrators. Besides Jake, we have Alyssa who is in transition from middle schooler to high school student. She is Jake's neighbor her older brother Kyle is friends with Jake so they have known each other for years. She always had a very sibling like relationship with him but this summer she realizes she is attracted to him.I also loved that the sounds on the soundtrack are apart of the book. When ever a book has a band in it and they put in the lyrics like First Kiss has I always wonder what the song sounds like. It is great that you can actually play the song along with the novel to really capture the feeling of the story and character.To not spoil the rest of this book let's just say a lot of angst ensues as this exciting yet turbulent relationship between Jake and Alyssa occurs. I definitely recommend this book if you are a fan of Contemporary novels First Kiss is for you. I loved the romance of it Alyssa and Jake are one of those book couples that I ship hardcore!! Go READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!! In my reviews I don't use a star or rating system at all but I do consider this book a 5 star (5/5). This is a must read and I hope I was able to get you to add it to your TBR!