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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Originally Posted on my blog DanaSquareThis is the 9th Jennifer L. Armentrout book I have read this year so obviously I am obsessed with Obsession. Obsession takes place in the same world as Jennifer's young adult series but acts as a standalone and is an Adult book. What is great is that lovers of the Lux series and those who haven't read it will enjoy it! This story is told from an Arum which is the enemy alien race in the Lux series. If you would place chronologically in the Lux series time wise it is after Opal. The only reason you can tell this is because there is a slight mention of Daemon and it references the crazy cliffhanger which was Opal. Obviously this is a romance and let me tell that Hunter is AMAZING. He takes bad boy to the extreme. He is a foul mouthed, leather pants wearing Arum who is dangerously sexy! He is working for the DOD a common conflict with the Lux series. He gets a job to protect Serena. Serena saw her best friend killed by Luxen because she saw them in their true form and heard too much. And guess what romance ensues! But it is the farthest thing from insta-love just a lot of insta-lust. But Hunter faces this internal struggle through most of the book because he thinks he is a monster and it is hard for him to come to terms with the fact that he loves her. He thinks human emotions are weak but he learns that his love her drives him to do very unexpected things.I think this book is great for fans of the Lux series because it shows a different side of the Luxen and the Arum. You realize that neither of them have a squeaky clean past. They both think the other is the enemy. It gave a lot of depth to the series because a war is always different based on who tells the story.We learn that not all Luxen are accepting of Humans like Daemon and Dee. This story is told through the alternating point of views if both Serena and Hunter. I liked this just because we had narratives from both human and alien unlike Lux which is told exclusively by Katy other than the extras at the end.It was also great that at points the parts would overlap and I liked that you would find what each character thought of what happened. This is an adult novel and beside the fact that the characters are in their early twenties and the sex aspect. This story is much darker than the Lux series because of the Arums need to feed off the Luxen and humans. Also the Luxens, Arum, and DOD going after them left a more ominous effect. If you thought Daemon was a bad boy you haven't met Hunter yet!That last battle at the end was epic! It reminded me why I love Jennifer's books because they have a bit of everything for you. A book that has kickass battle scenes, snarky humor, and a great love is always going to my favorite to read. It was also heart felt and genuine. You would never expect a book about aliens to teach you what it is to be human. I think it ended in a really sweet way and if Jennifer wanted to pick up Hunter and Serena's story she could. I know there is mention of Hunter in Origin. I am not sure if it is just the one scene where he meets Daemon at Luc's. But I hope Hunter and Serena pop up in the main series!Obsession extends the world building of the Lux universe. Finding out that there are even more Luxen out there who didn't come to Earth is crazy. It even sets up more conflicts for Origin the next Lux book. We even find out what Origin the title is in reference too but not really what Origin means! One thing is for sure Obsession has me now dying to read Origin. Overall I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend to fans of the Lux series and if you didn't read those books but love a good science fiction steamy romance than you should check this out! Though I wouldn't this book blew me away either! It wasn't one of those let me sit down and block out the world until I finish this book feeling like with Obsidian but it was still really good!