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PODs - Michelle Pickett PODs is an incredible mix of post-apocalyptic and dystopia. Michelle Pickett wrote such a great book because we see our narrator Eva before the outbreak, during the outbreak, while in the PODs, and after the PODs, as well as when the virus mutated into something else. I think this book shows a lot of scary truths even though it is a science fiction novel. Eva was a great main character and I loved her relationship with David. But I don't think she and many of the characters reacted in a way most teens would. Katie was probably the only one who had a normal reaction to the situation. In the midst of all the tragedy these two teenagers faced they found comfort with each other. I loved that this book wasn't drawn out. It very well could have been drawn out into multiple book but it wasn't and I enjoyed that. Though I would have liked a bit more answers. Why PODs? And why was it only teens and kids? What was the experience like for other in different PODs more specifically the adults? Obviously this is told by Eva so she wouldn't know but still I wanted to know more.I know this is only set to be a two book series so I hope in the next book some questions get answered. I would love to see some of the other characters from the POD in the next book to make it more resolute. I think this book ended in a perfect and sweet way with David asking Eva to marry him.Overall this was a really great book that was exciting and fun. It had the thrill of impending danger and the excitement of young love. I can't wait to see where Michelle takes this book.