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Confessions of an Angry Girl

Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett Check out the original review on my blog DanaSquare LINKConfessions of an Angry Girl is a young adult contemporary by Louise Rozett that deals with the transitioning from middle school to high school for the main character Rose. From the cover and title you may expect this book to be more of a fluffy cute contemporary novel but it is anything but. This book is verging on a darker more mature young adult because of all the family drama, bullying, and teen drama. What I found most surprising is that it is one of the only young adult books I have read that reflected the High School experience in a very realistic. I absolutely enjoyed this book. I read it in two days and I was immediately drawn into the story line. I really felt for the characters.This book takes place over the course of Rose's freshman year in High School. I loved that the book was divided into seasons and that made it really easy to keep track of when exactly events occurred. It was great that this book covered all the holidays and all the experience that comes with that. What I found to be one of the most unique parts of this book is that instead of chapter names each chapter has a PSAT vocabulary word and its definition the word for the chapter has a connection to what will take place and it foreshadows the chapter. The romance in this book is between Rose and Jamie a junior with a dark background. Jamie was friends with Rose's older brother who just started college and asked Jamie to watch Rose. So he obviously isn't that bad since her brother trusts him, there is always a but. He has a girlfriend who just so happens to hate Rose. Rose has a great moral sense and tends to break up parties and hazing. Which is good but bites in the behind in school and Rose ends up being bullied by Regina, Jamie's girlfriend who is also a junior. Jamie is a dark brooding dangerous type which usually has me swooning but I hated his flakey nature. One moment he is kissing Rose and the next he gives her a cold shoulder. I don't doubt that he likes her but I am not sure if I want to ship them. I think that Rose can do better but at the same time their growing relationship is exciting and I am interested to see what happens.When I started this book all I wanted to know was why is she so angry! The answer is mainly her father's death and her mother. This girl has to deal with way too much. Her best friend is moving away from her because she joined cheer leading team. Her brother is off at college and Rose begins to feel like she has no one. She finds an unlikely friend in Angelo a senior who is into rick music and is also Jamie's best friend. I liked that the ending to this book was bitter sweet. It left unresolved issues for book two but also concluded other conflicts through out the book. Rose didn't get to go to Prom because she got stood up by Jamie who was in jail because of Regina. But the happy note is that she and her best friend made up. Overall this book is a great contemporary novel and deals with real teen issues and it will have you addicted from the first page. I am still not sure if I want Jamie and Rose to have any sort of romantic relationship after the way this book ended. Yes he is a bad boy and I sure love bad boys in Young adult books but other than that rush and excitement I don't feel like he is a great guy for her. I hope there is even more drama in book two!