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Earth Angel

Earth Angel - E. Van Lowe Earth Angel is the epic sequel to Boyfriend from Hell and let me just say this series keeps getting better and better. I had fallen in love with the first book. I am a huge fan of Angel and Demon books. I think the usage of Christian "mythology" in a sense is very captivating and entertaining. But for the majority of the first book we as readers didn't know that her mom's boyfriend was the Devil or that Guy was an Angel. So Earth Angel is where we got to see a development of mythology. Megan met demons, nephilim, and another Angel. It added a lot to this series. E. Van Lowe realy developed a world in our own and is just beginning to scratch the surface in this book as to the magic that it holds.I love Megan and Guy as a couple but I don't think we have seen that much of them actually together. Last book she kind of stalked him in that weird way teenage girls do when they like a hot guy. This book she spent the beginning with him and then broke up with him and finally the rest was spent saving him from a demon. And now he is gone. So when she does find him in the next book I would hope that we get to see them more as a couple. If I could say something I don't like about this series it would be the length. They are super short, under 200 pages each book. I WANT MORE! For the short amount of pages we do see a lot of character development and world building but at times it feels rushed. In the first book Megan's actions made you want to hit her at times and not until later in that book did I connect with her. I think that there are so many things in this series that could be expanded upon. I think if you are a fan of strong female heroines you will love Megan. Megan is mortal but she is brave and doesn't care that she is facing much stronger opponents. She fights for the love she feels for others. I think anyone can relate to her and love her. She isn't just some damsel in distress.E. Van Lowe has created an amazing series so far that will have you falling in love with Megan, a mortal who saved her mother from her devil of a boyfriend and just so happens to have an angel as her boyfriend. If you love fallen angel books this is the series for you.