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The Elite - Kiera Cass The Elite is the sequel to The Selection by Kiera Cass which was one of my most anticipated releases of this year. The Selection has been described by many as The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor. I have been a fan of Kiera Cass even before she published books from youtube. I really enjoyed The Selection it was a great world and very exciting. It was definitely nice to see a mix of a very serious topic but with a very fluffy twist. One thing that I disliked about The Selection was that it had an abrupt ending. As soon as the story picked up the pace it ended. At times I felt like these two books could have been one large book.The Elite left me with some mixed feelings. I think it was a great continuation and displayed a large amount of character development but at the same time I didn't like said developments. The Elite had a ton more action than the first book from the rebels, torture, and girl fighting. Overall it had a more intense and anxious mood to it.I am definitely TEAM MAXON but both Maxon and America bothered me this book. Seriously the worst thing Maxon could ever do was kiss Celeste and he did. So now as a reader I don't trust him. Even though he explained himself and was warranted because America was being a moody bitch. I still ship them but they can be downright annoying at times. Then the whole Marlee thing happened and America was more upset by it than Marlee. She blamed it on Maxon when he had nothing to do with it. Aspen and Kris really surprised me because they were two characters that I tried too hard to not like but I really couldn't help it.I definitely felt that The Elite explained and showed more of the caste system. In the reports we realize how greedy and unfair the king truly is. Maxon hasn't even had total control in The Selection. I think Maxon will make a great king as of how he changed in this installment.I feel as though nothing much happened throughout this book yet so much did. It ends off pretty much the same way as The Selection of America having to make a choice. This time it had less to do with Aspen but more her choice to actively try to win The Selection. America may annoy me as a character but she really does want to bring about change. I love how strong she is.This series is a trilogy and the next book is titled The One (cover art not revealed as of now). This title definitely means Maxon is going to pick someone. (Fingers crossed it is America) or even America will have to choose. I hope that The One will finally answer my questions about the rebels and the war. I still feel slightly unconfused about the back story of the royal family. I can't wait for The One! Also I was so bummed to find out that The Selection pilot wasn't picked up by The CW!Original Review on DanaSquare book blog