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Dualed - If you love dystopian as much as I do you will with out a doubt be obsessed with Dualed! What I love most about a dystopian society is that the stakes are extremely high! When there is an alternate you out there who you have to kill to determine your worth in society I would say that is pretty high. It is just a crazy concept to wrap your mind around. It creates a kill or be killed world. The thought of killing someone who looks exactly like you is unbelievable. Dualed features a lot of actions scenes obviously and they were really well done. Some actions scenes don't always flow so easily but Elise wrote them perfectly. There were several themes in this book that translate so well with current events today that made the story very thought provoking, yes this is an extremely fictionalized book but the ideas of competition and friendship were fantastic.West as a main character wasn't perfect at all which I admired. A flawed character is always more real. That being said I found it hard to connect with her when I first started this book. It may have been from the amount of loss and grief she had to deal with right of the beginning. Her grief process was very much internalized so for me she became slightly frustrating. At the same time I felt horrible for this girl who had to deal with death her whole life and was stuck in a world of survival of the fittest. But on a side not she does a lot of unexpected things if you read the book , one word strikers!Dualed was an amazing action dystopian novel that will make you put today's world into perspective. West is a non-perfect living in a non-perfect world and you will be sucked into this story.