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Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It - Cora Carmack Losing It is a new adult book that I really enjoyed, it had a lot going for it romance, comedy, angst and so much more ! Losing It is narrated by Bliss Edwards whose best friends thinks that Bliss needs to loose her virginity. They go to a bar and Bliss meets a hot British guy named Garrick who obviously has a wonderful accent. They go back to Bliss's apartment and they are just about to have sex when she has a freak out and leaves her place spewing some lie about getting her cat (she doesn't own a cat). 8 hours later Bliss heads to her Theater class to find Garrick as her new professor. I knew this was a teacher/student book but I am glad that the book's blurb didn't give too much of the plot away. The new adult age group works bet with the whole student/teacher relationship. But it happened in a very unexpected way. The way the plot unfolds is so humorous! Bliss makes up this elaborate lie about owning a cat to the point that she goes to adopt the cat she describes. The big negative that I had was how short this story was. It is roughly under 200 pages. The plot was great and had a ton potential. So much more could have occurred. I think that if the plot was expanded upon and not so rushed this book would have gone from great to freaking amazing. Though I did like that the end was set in future and was a nice wrap up for the characters. The reader gets to be fully content seeing what happens after out happily ever after! I wish that Cora would have gone further into the future though.If you are looking for a very cute fluffy read that has a lot of sexual tension! And who doesn't love a man with a British accent! I am really falling head over heals for new adult contemporary romances. This book can be considered a stand alone but this is a series with the sequel being Faking It following Cade!