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Pure (Covenant Series #2)

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout Beware there are some spoilers in here I just couldn't not discuss certain events!Is the epic sequel to Half-Blood in the Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I have probably read more Jennifer Armentrout books this year than any other author!Pure really had a lot of character development for the main characters. Alex over the course of half blood and pure faced tragedy, heart break, loss and love. She matured and become more responsible this book though she is still impulsive, which is what makes this story exciting.This series has a large focus on the romance and set up the love triangle between Alex, Seth, and Aiden. I wasn't the biggest Seth fan in the last book but he really grew on me in this book. He felt so genuine and his love for her was more than the Apollyon connection. He definitely had his jerk moments but I think they were because he cared for her. This book had me rooting for Seth surprisingly. Aiden pissed me off throughout this book. Obviously he cares for her and has feeling for her more than just a friend! I get that he lied to protect her but still he hurt her purposefully! It was just so aggravating and conflicting! He was so hot and cold with her! One minute he is giving her the cold shoulder ignoring her then he was being possessive and defending her honor.I cried several times throughout this book! The one death that I couldn't get over was Caleb. He was one of my favorite characters and I can't believe Jennifer L Armentrout killed him off! I was an emotional wreck for that scene!The world building was great in this installment. We got to see what other Covenants are like an how Purebloods are. In contrast the North Carolina Covenant is surprisingly liberal. Alex had attempts on her life and she is the next Apollyon! It was surreal to see how the drugged up Half bloods are used as slaves.There was a lot more incorporation of Greek mythology which is one of the parts that I found most unique about this book. There were the furies and the labyrinth. As well as more mention of the gods. Who I hope to see in the future books even some demigods! After the end, what happened at the New York Covenant I can't wait to see the implications of their actions. Aiden and Alex took huge risks at the attack! Alex injured a freaking fury! Seth and Alex got a little steamy! Who knows what will happen in the next book Deity!