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Opal (Lux Novel)

Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout I love the Lux series but for me Opal wasn't my favorite. I enjoyed reading it but it felt very different from the rest of the series. I liked Katy and Daemon more when they weren't together and just flirting with each other. I couldn't stand Dee through most of the entire book and I understood why she was acting that way but I wanted to bitch slap her throughout the book!Now that the little rant is over I love Dawson so much he is adorable. I feel so bad that all he wants to do is find Beth. He definitely became one of my favorite characters during this book. His love for her is so endearing. Just made me want to do a happy dance every time I read it!There were a lot of unexpected events that I didn't see happening at all. Unexpected characters coming back and a certain character dying that you would never believe. Finding out that Opal can enhance powers. Then there is the ending which I just can not believe happening. I have no clue what Katy is going to do! I have a ton of theories my favorite two crack pot theories are cloning or she becomes evil. Either way that cliffy was cray cray. It left me hanging and wondering what the hell is going to happen!Overall I really love this series but this one wasn't my favorite. I felt that it dragged on a bit and wasn't as exciting as the rest of the book in the series. But I can't wait for Origin to come out because I need to know what is going to happen like now! I hope that with Origin the books become a little more like the 1st and 2nd! Till then I am patiently (cough anxiously cough) waiting!Also I am going to try and read all of Jennifer L. Armentrout's books starting with the covenant series!Check out my review on my blog DanaSquare where it was originally posted- Opal Review