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Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout I think I enjoyed this one more than Obsidian which is crazy! I actually started this at 1am and the finally at 3am realized sleep was somewhat important. You can't help but become so obsessed with these books that it is all you can think about itOne frustrating thing about this one was Katy denying that Daemon liked her. It was the complete opposite of insta love but when they are together they are perfect. Onyx really took this series to a new level. There were so many twists and turns. As a reader you weren't sure which characters you could trust. I was unsure of where this story would go after Obsidian but I have to say I loved it. I enjoyed the addition of human mutation by Alien healing, and then the details behind that was really interestingAlso more interaction with the DOD. I thought this was great compared to Obsidian where they were some foreboding group that wasn't that big of a problem. Also the turn of events with Bethany and Dawson was strange and sad in a way but I am glad it happened. Especially Dawson coming back right after such a horrible death. Adam being killed was so sad but when I thought Dee died I was like OH HELL NO! There was another Roswell TV Show connection in this one the human mutation was also in that and they adopted their powers, I think I am just being really picky about this.I am really excited for Opal but I may save it for awhile because I heard there is a major cliff hanger that may make me go crazy for! Also the release of Shadows the prequel novella with Dawson and Bethany sounds great!Check out the review on my blog DanaSquare where it was originally posted- Onyx Review