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The Golden Lily: A Bloodlines Novel (Bloodlines (Mead - Hardcover))

The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead Is the sequel to Bloodlines which is a spin off to the Vampire Academy series. Soon to be a movie. This one felt a lot more like the original series. The mystery, romance, friendship and magic was all there. It is great to have more of the familiar characters from the series introduced in this series.The Golden Lily definitely had more of a focus on character development and growth in mythology. As a narrator we learn so much about Sydney and how she struggles with the jobs she is in. She is so fearful of magic and moroi but slowly keeps getting closer to that world. Also human use of magic is very knew to this book series and interesting to learn more of.Sydney being an Alchemist is delving into whether her own people are being truthful with her. Her finding an entire group of crazy alchemists is the most exciting part of the plot. Sydney really begins to not know who to trust.The huge cliffhanger at the end of Bloodlines was Dimitri Belikov showing up to research strigois who get turned back with spirit. With the love triangle between Rose , Adrian and Dimitri this became very awkward and hysterical to read. Definitely different to read about Dimitri from Sydney's point of view.I loved the romantic relationships that were started in this book. Jill and Eddie just need to be together even though that hasn't happened I am holding out! Sydney and Adrian, I can't!! So cute! Sydrian is the ship name if you didn't know! Adrian and Rose were such a different couple. The contrast is so amazing. Sydney makes him a better person. Adrian no longer drinks as much and is actually trying in college!I am really in love with the romantic relationships in this series. I am not quite sure where this story is going but I am biting my nails knowing how it is only going to get better. I just hope that the future novels continue to have cameos from The Vampire Academycharacters. My working theory is that the Bloodlines series is going to end with the merging of the characters back together. For a new adult series because I NEED MORE! I hope you enjoyed my little crack pot theories rant!