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Deity: The Third Covenant Novel

Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout Deity is the third book in the epic Covenant series by Jennifer L. Armentrout who is proving to be one of my favorite authors! I have been slacking on my reviews lately so I have already read Apollyon! And just finished her new adult contemp Wait For You! I have read 8 JLA books in 2013! I am obsessed with her writing style. She writes in such a humorous way that it is easy to read and sounds like something a teen would think or say. But when the story gets to a heart felt place or turn sad, she finds a way to rip your heart out and drag it across the floor. This book was crazy compared to the rest of this series it was even more exciting and action packed! Everything I wanted to happen did. There were so many plot twists though that I never expected!At the end of pure Alex is definitely going to get into a lot of trouble after killing a pure blood if anyone finds out. So Aiden compelled another pure to forget which makes him in as deep of trouble as Alex.In Pure I became much more fond of Seth but that completely changed in this book. He was so horrible in this book! I still think he is redeemable but after how he acted in the end with lucian I am not that sure. Seth just wants to be loved but going to the length of killing someone to please Lucian is really sad.Deity really made use of more greek mythology. We met some gods in this book! Apollo and Hades as well as a mention of Poseidon appeared which was so exciting! I really liked that Apollo became a main character. Hopefully even more in Apollyon the next book. I still don't quite understand the whole Order of Thanatos but it is all really interesting.Alex died and came back again in this book! We got our first experience in the underworld. And we got to see Caleb again. The Caleb scene was really emotional for me and probably everyone else who reads it!Alex learned that her father was at The New York Covenant and really wants to try and find him again. Alex and Aiden finally caved into their feelings. Pure wonderfulness I swear they are magic!Apollyon is going to be more of what I like to call the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter Book 7) affect! When the story took place at one setting for the majority of the time but then leaves for an entire book. The covenant was destroyed thankfully it was a break and so was deity island. Seth and Lucian will be going after Alex as well as the gods. Right at the very end Alex awakens as the Apollyon and turn towards Seth to evil! Dun Dun DUN!!!