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Frost Fire (Tortured Elements, #1)

Frost Fire - Olivia Rivers I read Frost Fire in one sitting it was just that amazing. I want Drake to be my new book boyfriend just saying. This book was exciting, fun , creative and definitely swoon worthy. I loved the demon mythology Olivia created it was unique and really enjoyable.This book for me was super addicting I loved the characters and how they were really unpredictable. Drake was fantastic because he loved Allai so much even though it went against his demon nature that it was so endearing to read. I liked that Allai questioned him and didn't even say that she loved him but that she will one day. I think that for people who despise instant love they would really like Allai because she doesn't fall madly in love with the first bad boy she meets.A lot of this book was mainly setting of this magical world and leading up to a greater conflict to come so it makes me really excited to see where this story will go from here. As a character Allai is a little too gullible after finally meeting the other mages I definitely need to know how that plays out. I hope they don't use her for bad thing because she is so powerful. I am in love with Drake and Allai's relationship they are too cute. I think that the next one will probably lead them on a rocky path but they are that couple that is meant to be. And probably the most unexpected revelation came in the epilouge which caught me off guard was the real identity of Luke. After all the lies that Allai was fed this might be the biggest one. I can't wait to get my hands of the second book in this series! I highly recommend this book to those who love Fantasy and YA romance!