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Intangible (Intangible, #1)

Intangible - J. Meyers This book was crazy good. It started off with a bang that sucked you right in and you just had to know whether Luke would find the power to save his sister from being killed. From there you meet vampires, and fairies also Marc but I will talk about that in a bit. I didn't expect there to be vampires in this book but I loved the plot line they had. Since Sera could heal she was able to turn vampires human again which makes her a threat to their race. I just loved how that tied in with Luke's vision of her eventual demise. I have to say I loved the alternating point of view. It really helped show the motives of the individual characters. Like Marc and Jonas, you learned how Marc wasn't a real "friend" and was using them but got too attached. I am not his biggest fan but I love Jonas. Jonas is a mysterious vampire who starts helping Sera because she reminds him of his sister. If there is a next book I would enjoy Jonas being a major character.Fey was such a good character who should have been brought up more. I would enjoy knowing more about the 7th son thing and her fairy back ground. One thing that was annoying is that Luke and Sera as well Fey and Jonas risked their lives to save Marc, but he goes and leaves when he found out his shadows were dark fairies. Who were trying to manipulate him into catching the twins, and I'm pretty sure he was never have noises in his head that was all their doing. Way to be a good person Marc. That is fine by me though leaves an opening for Jonas to be with Sera!I loved that there was a happy ending! But there was a bit of a cliff hanger when 2 gifteds introduce themselves to Luke and Sera and then run off.