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Unearthly (Unearthly Series #1)

Unearthly (Unearthly Series #1) - Now if you loved books such as Hush, Hush and Fallen you are going to fall in love with Unearthly. And for several reasons I feel that Unearthly is just a little bit better then them too. First I enjoyed that the main character is a female who is a nephilim. She is strong and not the damsel in distress that seems to play out in countless novels. Also that she isn't the most powerful or best angel-blood. In most novel the protagonist tends to be the best at everything which tends to be unrealistic. Yes Clara is special and has a few different abilities but she is only 1/4 an angel.Now the part that is most pumped up on blogs is the big question Team Tucker or Team Christian and I have to go with Team Switzerland. Cynthia is just that great of a writer. Usually I read a book and know automatically Team Edward or Team Damon but here I fell in love with both. They both were such great characters that I feel either way she had the potential of being with either guy. Especially with the way the novel ends you know that Christian could understand her just a bit more than Tucker. When this book ended I didn't have Hallowed so in a way I was like oh HELL NO! BUt when I reread it I had Hallowed so I could just pick it up and continue which I did. And I am absolutely in love! For a series that doesn't have a crazy amount of action through out the book I can't believe I enjoy it this much. If you love the anticipation to a great ending than this is the series for you!