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Sisters Red

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce Review~ Be Aware there will be spoilers as I rant Sorry!I loved Jackson's writing style as a fan of her youtube videos you can definitely hear her very sarcastic humor coming through. On of the greatest things about her writing was how she described her action sequences. It didn't sound awkward nor was everyone similar. It was like watching an action movie which was so great.Her characters were so well developed. The sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, were such complete opposites that it was funny. The funny part to me was that the characters were so developed that as a reader you knew them so well you could actually predict what they would do.This story is a werewolf genre book that had a very creative mythology and was so different from any werewolf stories I have read! I liked the Red Riding Hood parts just found it funny how the girls wore red capes! I enjoyed this story but just certain things in the plot that I didn't enjoy!Now Here is where my spoilers begin be aware!So for all of you that have read Sisters Red I can't tell you how much I despised Rosie. Okay that may be a bit strong I get that she was sweet and innocent. But Scarlett on the other had was such a fantastic character who was strong and a fighter and I loved that. For me she reminded me a lot of Tris (Divergent) and Katniss (Hunger Games). Scarlett was scarred while protecting Rosie when they were young, she lost an eye. Scarlett isn't pretty and kind of can't find love. Rosie walks all over that by dating Silas, Scarlett's bestfriend and hunting partner. I actually put this book down for a day and started something else because of how much the Rosie/Silas relationship pissed me off. And then Silas had to go and admit that he was originally in love with Scarlett, I may have went slightly ballistic. Your making out with her baby sister and you tell her you had a crush on her, WOW. Also that he is 21 and Rosie is only why did none of these characters ever find a problem with that? I had a suspicion throughout the book that Silas was and was glad when it got confirmed. I was kinda hoping Scarlett would have to kill him in the end but he did survive. I thought that was so lame in 7 years they would have to deal with this problem again! The ending was bittersweet but I did wish that Scarlett would have fallen in love!