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Boundless - Cynthia Hand *This review is based off an ARC that a friend gave me*Boundless is the final book in the amazing Unearthly series. It really was an epic conclusion to a series and I am truly sad it is over but conflicted over the fact that I want to be happy over the Happily Ever After that Clara the main character got. In this final chapter everything from this series got expanded upon and a lot of unanswered question you had throughout the series got answered. The abilities and magic that Clara had was built up even more than before. Especially from the last novel with her father Michael she was able to learn more about the angel side of her.One of my favorite parts about this one in particular was Samjeeza and Clara's mother's relationship and it showed how he was still human. It was really heartwarming to read. It was like this for a lot of characters who I didn't expect to possibly learn about. Like Angela who did a lot of things I didn't expect.Also I should have read the e-novella Radiant that Cynthia Hand published as a 2.5 it filled in the gaps between the Hallowed and Boundless which is the summer before they attended college. Which also points out how different Boundless was compared to the two previous books. They weren't in the same location and the characters were much more mature. Now onto the love triangle which is one of the major focuses of this series. Every time I thought Clara was leaning one way she would do the complete opposite. Right up until the very end I had no clue who she was gonna pick. But I enjoyed seeing her relationship build up with Christian in this book. I had really liked him in the other books but they were more friends and the idea of him being a love interest was appealing as a reader but in actuality not there. We got to see them together in this book in a really great way. Let's not forget about Tucker who is just cute and wonderful as always. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read Boundless yet but you will ultimately be happy with her decision whether you were Team Tucker or Team Christian. I cried so much at the end of this book not because it was sad but because it was over and I loved it so much. I think Cynthia wrapped it up in such a way that will touch your heart and leave you breathless. I wished this series could have gone on for many more books but I am satisfied at how it was ended and I can't wait to read whatever Cynthia writes next!