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Firelight (Firelight Series)

Firelight (Firelight Series) - I had heard a lot of great things about this series and it was definitely well worth it. It was a super quick read for me I got so absorbed into right from the start. I think that definitely had to be from the difference in the theme of it. (By theme I mean the sub category of genre i.e Vampires, Faeries, Werewolves, Witches and so on.) This book contains a girl who can transform into a DRAGON! Say WHAT! I know crazy right and super creative. I just wanted to know more and understand the character of Jacinda better.The actual description of the dragon inside Jacinda called a Draki what really cool and interesting at times I found it to be slightly corny about her dragon dying. But how else could you describe such a thing with out it becoming corny!I liked Jacinda as a main character she was a little whiny but in the situation that her mother put her in it was understandable and didn't make me dislike her. Her mother and sister I just despised because they forced their opinions and beliefs on her which I didn't like. I loved that Jacinda still remained very independent and strong willed through out this book. This book is worth the hype it gets and I am excited to see where this story can go and how it goes through the coming conflict that was being built up through out this book! I need some more Will time like STAT.Now on to the romance in this story. I would say it is more of an insta- attraction/love but not really because both Will and Jacinda fight it. But it wasn't that frustrating. I liked the forbidden aspect of their relationship he being a Dragon Hunter and her a Dragon. But there was a lot more to it they had this weird connection and he was little bit more than human. I was definitely not expecting the ending of this story. I felt it was a little abrupt but the cliff hanger does make me want to go and buy the sequel.