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The Twilight Saint - Jessica Penot * I received a copy for review for the book tour*The author has constructed a very beautiful and intricate world. From the unique places, names, and gods, you would expect this to make it very hard to get hooked. Quite the opposite this book is so intriguing to discover and understand. The main character Ailive is just so raw in away. She is so blinded by faith and duty that it clouds her judgement for the majority of the book. She doesn't always have the greatest sense of right and wrong, because killing someone doesn't ever seem to bother her, at least in our societies standards. Being an assassin doesn't bother her at all she even enjoys her. She sacrifices so much for it.In away it was heartwarming watching Ailive grow and become a better person from going to the University. Even though Divergent by Veronica Roth is a completely different book and genre Ailive reminded me a lot of Tris. They shared that same intensity. Just as Cahir and Four are alike in away teachers to them who end up being more than that. But after her crazy journey she finally finds her way back to him and he is no longer a like-able character. His true colors are shown and they aren't that pretty. Their relationship is very odd for her it seems co-dependent. She needs him and at times he could care less. I was so over joyed when she went to her brother in the end and joined him yet she was broken. In the end she wound up with Hotem who I wanted her to.The very end for me was okay it was hard to see Ailive as anything but strong, young, and brave. I guess everyone grows old and dies but Ailive could have been an exception. I was satisfied but I would have been happier if it ended at their wedding.Ailive is a killer, student, slave, soldier, queen, mother and so much more. This book was just epic. I don't know how so much happen in 260 pages. Once you dive into this world you won't want to leave. I certainly didn't! I read it in one sitting.I haven't been utterly blown away by a novel in a long time. I highly recommend that you give this book a try!