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Simplicity - Valia Lind Now this book is not within my typical genres of scifi /fantasy but I have been trying to read more contemporary fiction and this book was definitely able to hold my attention. I loved the concept of a plane crashing and Alexis waking up washed ashore on an island that had 15 other people living on it whose plane crashed 5 years ago so basically no hope for going home.I just have to say how much I love Jake. A brooding lost soul who is conflicted by both his past and present, he has such a hard time expressing himself to Lexi. He reminded me a lot of Stefan from The Vampire Diaries in love with a girl but his past keeps catching up with him and makes him regret his choices. But Jake happens to not be a vampire a girl could only dream. LOL. Valia is such a great writer that she was able to make us simply despise Gabe he was just so annoying but I felt kind of bad for him after awhile. I personally enjoyed the growth of the romantic relationship and friendship between Alexis and Jake. I loved and hated his overprotective nature and that he found a way to blame himself for every little occurrence. Especially since Alexis was always so clumsy. Definitely a hazard to herself. In many ways I liked that Alexis was the only female on the island she became a great mother figure to the men and most importantly Brandon. I thought he was just plain ole adorable. I thought it was great that Jake was the person that saved Alexis it added just a bit more to their reasons to be together for me. I have to say that I would always laugh through out the book when Alexis would think things out loud and wouldn't realize it. The story really begins to pick up pace during the large storm that passes over the island. This part held most of my favorite scenes. It forced Jake and Lexi to work together and I almost cried when Lexi got hurt from going to save and find Brandon. I felt that the ending was great especially that the end wasn't when they left the island. I thought the idea of the reunion was great. Lexi and Brandon bonding was great. But I was so just err I wanted to just I don't even know hurt Jake he can be so clueless. I was so upset by his reveal of his past. So they got married and it was just wonderful. Plus she is now Brandon's step mom. So overall I really enjoyed this book. I finished it several days ago and I just can't stop thinking about it which is making it hard for me to read other books, seriously now! Loved it so much!